Lucky Paws Pet Care


I walk a maximum of four dogs at one time to ensure I can give all of the them ample supervision.
Yes. I will arrange a meeting with you and your pet and if deemed necessary I will do a free trial walk with your dog. If we agree to commence either the dog walking or pop in service I will complete booking and registration forms and pick up a key from you if needed and payment.
Yes. I will pick up your dog from a location of your choice within the areas I cover.
Yes. I am fully insured, I also have a valid DBS certificate. Please ask if you wish to see the certificates.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, I will contact you (or your nominated emergency contact) as soon as possible. If veterinary treatment is needed I will take your pet to your nominated practice, or depending on the circumstances, the nearest one.

Yes. Your dog will never be left unsupervised whilst out walking and in my care.
In the hot weather I always have bottles of water with me for the dogs. My vehicle also has it’s built in air conditioning and I also have a separate air conditioning unit that is in the dog cage itself.

Your key will be kept secure and away from your personal information. Your key will be coded so it can not be identified to your property. Your personal details will also be kept secure and never shared. I comply with GDPR regulations.

Yes I do, however, I do not work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I also do not offer dog walking at weekends unless as part of a block booking of five or more days in a row.
I get wet! All of the dogs I walk will be dried and cleaned as much as possible before leaving them.
Yes, once I can trust the dog’s recall and have your written permission. Dogs that have poor recall will be walked on a long lead so they can still have some freedom to run and play.
Yes. I will not walk a dog that is not up to date with it’s vaccinations. I will ask to see documentation regarding this. This is to ensure the health of all of the dogs in my care.
Yes, your dogs walking time will not start until we reach the area they will be walked.